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Let's face it, the New Jersey Area is becoming the new hot spot to live. With many new homeowners making the move from high priced locations such as NYC, New Jersey offers a relatively more economic place to go. With a new influx of buyers, choosing your price range the home you buy will likely need minor tweaks to a major renovation to meet your needs and aesthetic. And chances are some trade-offs will be involved in buying a home here, and we will guide you in making those choices with our fully updated and properties.

Because of our extensive renovation experience, when showing you homes we can show you how our locations can meet your budget and offer you a new home with all the amenities you may need. 

We think out of the box to find solutions, so we always offer suggestions about different neighborhoods to consider, and other ways to get you what you want within your budget.

We know you are searching on Zillow and Redfin. We also think those sites offer great search tools, so have fun looking there, or feel free to use our search. But when you are ready to meet with a real person who can guide you, protect you, enlighten you, and to enjoy the process with, then we hope you'll connect with us!


  • We always work towards your best interests

  • You will receive a comprehensive Home Buyers Guide at the beginning of your search

  • We will update you on current market conditions

  • We will conduct frequent searches and recommend appropriate properties to you

  • We can provide you with a list of reputable lenders for loan pre-approval

  • We will counsel you on writing an appropriate offer

  • We will schedule and attend all property inspections during the escrow period

  • We will be available during your escrow signing to answer any last-minute questions you may have

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